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  • Developed culturally relevant and appropriate training packages on Early Intervention for grassroots level workers & parents of disabled children.
  • Developed simplified Monitoring tools for CBR & IED programmes for CBR workers & parents.
  • Developed screening forms for identification of disabled children (0-6 & 0-14 yrs age group )
  • Authored a chapter in Education and Children with special needs by Hegarty & Alur Sage publications

Developed video training package for resource teachers  in Inclusive Education  Translated functional Assessment guide for teachers in Kannada.


Seva-in-Action Publications


Sl. No.Name of the PublicationPrice in Rs.
1.‘Learning Together’ – Video training package on IE with manual – 1999,Dr. LalithaPrathap, Ruma Banerjee & Manjula Nanjundaiah,500.00
2.‘Inclusive Education Handbook’ – IE, Unique Curriculum, Learning Process & Curriculum Planning (for Teachers, Resource Teachers & Community Education Facilitators ) – 2009,200.00
3.‘Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs – A Handbook for parents’ – 2009, Ruma Banerjee &Manjula Nanjundaiah50.00
4.Understanding Inclusive Practices in Schools – Examples of Schools from India – 2011, Edited by Ruma Banerjee, Dr.ArchanaMehendale&Manjula Nanjundaiah * visit IE Portal for a soft copy of this publication 



Sl. No.Name of the PublicationPrice in Rs.
1.‘Jotegoodi Kaliyona‘ – Samanvaya Shikshana kuritu ‘Video Aadharitha Prashikshana Kypidi’ – 1999, Manjula Nanjundaiah, Ruma Banerjee &Dr.LalithaPrathap500.00
2.‘SamanvayaShikshanaKypidi – SamanvayaShikshana, VisheshaPatyakrama, KalikaPrakriyehagooPatyakramaYojane (Shikshakarugalu, SampanmoolaShikshakararugaluhagooSamudayaShikshanaSahaayakarugalige) – 2009, Ruma Banerjee &Manjula Nanjundaiah200.00
3.‘VisheshaAgatyaullaMakkaligeSamanvayaShikshana – PoshakaraKypidi – 2009, Ruma Banerjee &Manjula Nanjundaiah50.00
4.‘AarambhaShikshanadaMargadarshi – a set of 6 handbooks – ShishuPrachodane (infant stimulation), Anganga(motor), Bowdhika(cognition), Bhashe(Language), Swasahaya(Self -Help) &Samaajikarana(Socialization) – (NyunatheyullaMakkalaPoshakaraShikshakaraMargadarshi) – 1991150.00
5.‘Nyunathe – Dantha Kathegalasavaalannuedurisuvuduhagoovastavikatheannubimbisuvudu, National Trust,Kannadakkeanuvaadisidavru – Manjula Nanjundaiah

For English version visit BadhteKadam in National Trust web site



UNCRPD –nimagematthunamagagi, 2009, National TrustKannadakkeanuvaadisidavru – Manjula Nanjundaiah

For English version visit BadhteKadam in National Trust web site