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  • SIA has developed relevant & appropriate training packages and monitoring tools in early intervention for grassroots level workers & parents in local language (Kannada). Now it is widely   used by other NGOs and several parents, and has been translated into two more Indian languages (Hindi & Tamil).
  • SIA was also involved in UNESCO Multisite action research project on “Meeting Special Needs in Regular Schools” with National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT)

Research study for State SSA titled Understanding Inclusive practice and community initiatives in Karnataka. The findings were used to develop state IE policy by SSA with other Departments.

Current Research
Sia is working on a 10 state project on Understanding  Inclusive Practices in Schools A Compilation of Case Studies across India
The purpose of this documentation is to understand how schools practice inclusion. It is intended to compile case studies of schools  which adopt inclusive practices and document specific measures that have been adopted to retain children with impairments in school and ensure their full participation. It will help us to understand measures adopted to make class rooms inclusive and learner friendly, understand how curriculum is adapted so as to enable learning of all children in the real sense.