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One day National Seminar on Emerging trends in Inclusion and Habilitation of People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities on 14th Dec 2016

Disability is a part of the human experience and human diversity and it needs to be accepted and valued.  Accommodating people with disabilities to build a common future is a core value of an inclusive society. Inclusion is possible when there are equitable opportunities and access to participation irrespective of the disabilities. This is particularly relevant for persons with intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders and cerebral palsy (collective known as intellectual and developmental disabilities [IDD]) in the context of evolving capacities. Given the opportunities, people with IDD can learn and develop like other human beings, though such support may be required by a few throughout their lives. People with IDD need support for skill building and restoration of lost skills. Hence the emphasis in IDD should be more on habilitation than rehabilitation.

In this backdrop, the seminar aims to sensitize the professional and working groups about the challenges and issues faced by persons with IDD in inclusion & development, inclusive education, habilitation in society, livelihood and advocacy ad discuss the various approaches of intervention. As we are expecting a conglomeration of professionals, personnel from service sector and caregivers at this conference, we hope to evolve a road map to sustain the efforts for the inclusive development of people with IDD.

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