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Resource Centers


This Centre provides with a range of services from early intervention to inclusive education, therapy and counselling services for high support group besides vocational training, counseling and also helps families to avail the government facilities for their wards with disability.

SIA_Rousource _Center_RamanagaraEarly intervention: Provides through Home based and school readiness activities in the resource center. Children who enrolls under Home based program will receive early intervention service both at home and Center.Those children who are below 6 years of age group will be prepared for pre-inclusion & after preparation they will be integrated in neighboring Anganvadis/pre-schools.

Preparatory / School readiness programme: In the Resource Center, children with disabilities are prepared for mainstreaming for 2-3 or more years depending on the child’s ability and after preparation she/he is going to enroll in the neighboring regular School.

Resource Support to Inclusive Education: The integrated Children with disabilities in regular schools are getting remedial/resource teaching support in the Resource Center before / after class hours by the Resource teacher. The Resource teacher is supporting regular schools where children with disabilities(CWDs) are integrated through resource/remedial teaching to the CWDs, special resources, evaluation techniques, adaptations in games & cultural programmes.

Service to High Support Group: Supporting children with severe disabilities [(ID, CP+ID, MD (Multiple disabilities)] to acquire ADL skills, pre-vocational skills and Vocational skills in the center in order to become an independent.

Medical Rehabilitation: Provides referral services to the identified children with disabilities, helping to get disability ID card & other Govt. medical facilities like free surgeries, aids & appliances, Niramaya health insurance scheme for NT related disabilities, etc.

Skills Development&Livelihoodfor YoungAdults with disabilities(YAWDs):Imparts vocational skills like weaving woolen mat, Candles and paper bags to YAWDs. These products are selling locally and occasionally through the urban centre of Seva-in-Action.

Counseling & Guidance Support: Provides Counseling & guidance support to parents and adult with disabilities.

SelfAdvocacy GROUPProvides platform for self advocates comprises of adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities to share their views & support them to mainstream in the community


Contact Person:


Cell Number: 9986093880

Timings   10.00 – 4 pm


Smavardhana Shale,

Rama DevaraChatra,




The Hoskote Resource Centre of Seva-in-Action provides the following services :

  1. Vocational Training.
  2. Parents Counseling.
  3. Referrals

Contact Person:

R.S Usha

Cell No. 9972982001

Timings: 9.30 am – 3.30 pm


Seva-in-Action Resource Center,

behind Vivekananda High School,

Vishweshwaraiah Badavane, Hoskote