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Shop With Rachana

Shop With Us

Rachana, an initiative of Seva-in-Action was initiated in 2010 with the intention of gainfully engaging intellectually disabled adults and thereby providing the skills and confidence to work through production activity.

Products currently made at Rachana

These items are environmentally friendly very often reusing papers and clothes for Cloth Bags in Different Sizes with paper lining :   Ideal for gift giving and different types of paper bags for restaurants and boutique.

  • Brown Paper and Hand Made Paper Bags in Different Sizes :  widely used for Tambulam in weddings and other functions.
  • Newspaper Bags in Different Sizes :  Carry bags in hotels and super markets.
  • Handmade Paper Envelopes and Book Marks : Gift Giving.
  • Bead Jewellery : Well Designed and  Attractive.
  • Decorative Candles.
  • Painted Diyas : With or without wax.
  • Cloth Mats.



Rachana and You

Rachana accepts old newspapers, thick CFC boxes and thin cardboards like surf/complan boxes as well as used clothes like sarees, chudidars, duppattas of any texture which are all used in making the products.

You can help us by connecting us to organisers for the following : –

  • To set up stalls in companies, offices, Exhibitions and fairs
  • To conduct workshops at corporates creating awareness about eco-friendly paper bags and the process of making them.
  • To incorporate as CSR project of the company either by coming to Seva in Action and volunteering or conducting a program at the office which will give all a feeling of inclusion as well as insight about others. You can also connect us to companies that would welcome such initiatives.
  • Rachana always needs volunteers and volunteers can visit Rachana and help in the production process, marketing or creative process.
  • You can support the project through donations in cash, kind and service.