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Local Level Committee (LLC)


The uniqueness of National Trust Act 1999 was the emergence of the concept of Local Level Committee, the Quasi Judicial Body which is mandated to ensure the Security and Welfare both of Person and Property needless to say the grant of Legal Guardianship (a function identical to that of a Dist. Court under Wards & Minor Act) for those born with Neuro- Developmental Disorders.

Section 13(2) of the National Trust Act stipulates constitution of Local Level Committees (LLCs) in all the districts of India as follows:


Statutory Members:

  • District Collector/District Magistrate
  • An NGO Member
  • A Person with Disability (as defined under the PWD Act 1995) as Member

While all the three statutory members have equal powers with regard to the decision making process related to award of Legal Guardianship and associated issues, each member has been allocated with specific responsibilities as follows:

  1. The District Collector/District Magistrate, being the head of the district administration, is vested with the responsibility as Chairman of the LLC. The Dist. Magistrate being the head can use his Magisterial Powers to summon various public functionaries as we’ll take action as per CRPC to ensure implementation.The potency of this act is the use of the legal rational power of the Office of the District Magistrate to settle various problems that affect the PWD and his family like ration card, pathway problem, police related cases or any other entitlement due to them.
  2. The NGO Member is vested with the responsibility as the Convener of the LLC and has to play a major role in collecting information by conducting unannounced home visits, documenting, building up and maintenance of files of each case. The communication skill, integrity and drive are the basic traits an NGO Convener has to have over and above being highly matured and balanced and to a great extend a person with financial independency and preferably above the age of 50 years.
  3. A Person with Disability (PWD) as a Member is to extend all possible support to the Convener for smooth functioning of the LLC and is also expected to take a compassionate view on the decisions related to the PWD.


Co-opted Members:

To assist the LLC, the following members are co-opted by the Chairman:

  • District Social Justice Officer
  • A senior civil lawyer
  • Civil Surgeon preferably a Psychiatrist of the District Hospital
  • District Commissioner of Police represented by the ACP (Admn)
  • A representative from the District Legal Service Authority
  • Any other individual whom the Chairman consider it appropriate to be a co-opted member (e.g. the District Registrar)

Both the statutory and co-opted members of the LLC together share their collective wisdom in arriving at befitting decisions that would help settling any issues related to persons with the defined disabilities so as to enable them to live a harmonious and peaceful life in the community.


Role of Local Level Committee:

  1. To screen, appoint & monitor legal guardian
  2. To promote activities such as awareness generation, and mainstreaming
  3. To ensure inclusion and convergence of different schemes of Govt.

The List of Local Level Committees in Karnataka

Download (PDF, 54KB)

Download (PDF, 416KB)

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