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Livelihood Unit

Developing Rachana as an Enterprise

Rachana is an initiation by SiA in 2008 to bring about the economic empowerment of adults with disabilities. It was envisaged to be managed by adults with disabilities with the support of parents. Now it is time for SiA to transfer the responsibility of managing the unit to the members of Rachana with the support of parent group and to ensure a better & higher income for them to make them economically independent and socially confident and secure.

Objectives of the Project:

  1. To make the Production unit into a profit making business enterprise and thereby turn the disabled members of Kalika and Rachana economically independent, socially confident and secured.
  2. To involve the parents and volunteers more actively in the process.
  3. To ease out the responsibility of SiA staff in the production unit so that they can focus better on Vocational Training and other projects of the organisation.
  4. To ensure regular and higher income to the Rachana team and also to create job opportunity for many other abled adults.

Already formation of parents group is being under process through conducting number of meetings and discussing issues involved in developing Rachana as a profit making unit with the parents group. The few enthusiastic parents are visiting other parents group and persons to understand the development in this field so that they can learn from them. However the process cannot happen overnight, it will take its own time.


PADA is an initiative of Seva-in-Action towards forming   a parents group of adults with intellectual disabilities. This group has29 members and is registered under the society’s Act. PADA’s objective is to empower adults with disabilities and enable them to be economically independent so that when the parents are not there they can take care of themselves with the help of the society.