Background of SiA

SEVA–in–ACTION (SiA) was founded in 1985 with the objective of empowering families of rural children with special needs to find within their community solutions to problems of their children. Later SiA developed as a voluntary organization registered under the societies act in 1992 the Goal has been to empower persons and families with disabilities and promote inclusion and ensure their human rights through Community Based Rehabilitation and Inclusive Education programs.  SiA is working towards developing an inclusive society which value the abilities and potentials of specially challenged persons and consider them as contributing members of the community.

In the initial years SiA thrust was developing community-based rehabilitation for persons and families with disabilities living in rural areas. While developing services SiA also trained personnel in the field of CBR to meet the rehabilitation needs of persons with disabilities. The basic principle of CBR was developing a comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation program based on the existing resources in the community. In this context SiA also started working with the regular schools to promote and provide equal opportunities for children with special needs through inclusive education. SiA works with education departments at state and national level to promote, plan and develop the capacity of regular teachers through various training programs in order to implement inclusive education.  Over the years SiA has grown from service delivery organization to training cum resource center in the field of inclusive education.

In the 35 years since its inception, Seva-in-Action has been able to positively impact the lives of many persons with disability through Community Based Activities (CBA) approach and develop inclusive education to ensure education for children with disabilities in collaboration with State and Central Govt. SiA has provided services to nearly 10000 children with special needs.

SiA has trained 2000 teachers in the field of inclusive education through NGOs and Government. The model developed for the Govt through DPEP in 1998 has been  replicated in other projects as Janshala and SSA. SiA has helped other NGO’s to develop inclusive education program.

SiA has been appointed as State Nodal Agency Centre – SNAC under National Trust (MSJ & E) GoI from 2010 to 2017. Over the years the organization has grown from a service delivery to training, resource and research center under the banner of Action for Inclusion.

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Working for Developing an Inclusive Environment for Persons with Disabilities through Inclusive Initiatives.

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Working for Developing an Inclusive Environment for Persons with Disabilities through Inclusive Initiatives.

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