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Seva-in-Action (SiA) has been developing human resources in the field of disability from the beginning of its establishment to fulfill the requirement of trained personnel to work in the school/community. Developing capacity of the education system to meet the needs of children and adults with disabilities is an important component of the organization. SIA organizes training programmes for regular teachers, Inclusive Education Resource Teachers (IERTs)& Special teachers from SSA, and NGOs in the area of inclusive education & CBR, besides need based training programmes for CBR workers from NGOs, Anganvadi workers, Village Rehabilitation workers, parents and Volunteers in the field of disabilities.

Trained Personnel of different levels from NGOs, State & Central Govt. and also from other countries in CBR & Inclusive education through centralized & decentralized training programmes:

 Diploma in Planning and Management

Name of the Training : A Course on Diploma in Planning and Management of Community Based Rehabilitation 1991-92

It was a nine month Diploma course for Planners& Managers of Community Based Rehabilitation. This course included practical work such as CBR visits & placements and Project work.

 Course Objectives:

  • Learn to find and use relevant information competently.
  • Broaden their range of knowledge, skills and attributes about rehabilitation.
  • Develop and widen their knowledge of CBR.
  • Learn to apply relevant principles and techniques of management of the program.
  • Develop skills to design and implement learning programs, advocacy groups, empowering activities, leadership activities and groups working in community rehabilitation programs.
  • Plan community based programs appropriate to the participant’s own work situation in a community development and a community organization context.
  • Learn about networking and technical co-operation.
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation skills.

Teacher Training Course in IED

Name of the Training : One Year Multi-category Teacher Training Course in IED(integrated education for disabled children)Recog .by the Govt. of Karnataka. 1988 – 2005

Course Objectives:

After the completion of the course the teacher should be able to:

  • Visualize special education for disabled children as a component of general education following the concept of children with special needs
  • Describe the range of educational provision for children with special needs
  • Identify children with special needs and assist such children to specify unique needs arising out of different disabilities
  • Use curriculum and evaluation principles to adjust adapt curriculum, instructional materials and method to make them responsive to the needs of children with special needs
  • Work with general teachers to make educational programs responsive to the needs of children with special needs
  • Provide unique curriculum required for meeting special needs of children (for blind and deaf) in a cluster of primary schools
  • Use special learning-teaching aids required for children with special needs and guide general teachers in the use of these aids
  • Work with parents of children with special needs for supporting their unique needs
  • Mobilize support from relevant agencies in the area to meet special needs of children
  • Develop and maintain a resource room for a cluster of primary schools and ensure supply of direct services from the resource center
  • Help general teachers to keep special aids and equipments in functional use.

Certificate Course in Community Based Rehabilitation

Name of the Training: A Certificate Course in Community Based Rehabilitation 1991-93

It was a six weeks course for Community Based Rehabilitation workers & its objective was to train personnel to work in CBR programmes. The personnel from Darussalam, Sierra Leanne, Pakistan, Srilanka & India undergone this certificate course.

An exclusive need based 15 days training programme was organised on CBR for a team of 9 persons from a CBR Project of Srilanka.


Learning Together-Inclusive Education Video Training Program

Name of the Training: Learning Together-Inclusive Education Video Training Program 1999

The 8 weeks (2 months) training program was planned for District Primary Education Program (DPEP) on video based inclusive education training programme for selected 30 teachers (2per clusters) from Magadi Block. This training program was conducted in a phased manner to equip the teachers to become cross disability resource teachers for supporting other regular teachers at school level to implement IE.

The training package with video as a resource material was given to the trainees to conduct training in Inclusive education. These resource materials are for in-service training of regular teachers and it can be used as pre-service training also. The ultimate goal is to ensure child oriented education strategy where every child is special whose needs should be met.

Training. Objectives:

  • To provide classroom based models of good practice for teachers
  • To support local trainers of teachers
  • To share information about Inclusive Education & Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Resource Teacher’s cum Trainers Training on Inclusive

Name of the Training:Resource Teacher’s cum Trainers Training on Inclusive

Education 2000 – 2003     Duration: 6 weeks per batch

This training program was a replication of the DPEP model of inclusive Education extended to Janashala Programme reduced duration to 6 weeks, where SIA trained 472 teachers (2 per cluster) from 10 blocks, namely Sira, Madhugiri, Pavagada from Tumkur district; Arkalgud, Holenarsipura from Hassan district; Hiriyur, Challakere from Chitradurga district; Honnali from Davangere district; Koppa from Chikmagalur district and Haliyal from Uttara Kannada district in 12 batches to implement Inclusive Education in their Clusters.

The following resource material given to the trainees during training program:

  1. Training kit (training manual & Video) for organizing training programs.
  2. Resource Kit (Disability identification checklist, functional assessment guide with tools for assessing children with disabilities and an audio cassette IE songs for creating awareness inthe community)

Training. Objectives:

  • To train Trainers in IE to in-turn train the Resource Teachers and other personnel in education system
  • To train Resource teachers cum trainers, as Agents of change to promote the development of IE in schools in the rural society

Multi-Category Teachers Training on Inclusive Education

Name of the Training: Multi-Category Teachers Training on Inclusive Education

SiA organised 10 days residential multi-category teachers training programme on IE for newly recruited Special teachers of Sarva Shikshana Abhiyana(SSA), Karnataka from 8th December 2010 – 25th March 2011 in 6 batches.

There were 199 teachers from 22 Districts – Bangalore urban, Bangalore rural, Bijapur, Bagalkot, Bidar, Bellary, Dharwar, Haveri, Gadag, Dakshina Kannada, Chikmagalur, Chikkodi, Belgaum, Chamrajanagar, Chikballapur, Koppal, Madhugiri, Tumkur, Hassan, Mysore, Kodagu & Mandya participated in the 10 days training programme.

Out of 199 Special teachers, more than 35 of them were blind and teachers hand book on IE was given to the trainees. The handbook was also made in Braille for teachers who are blind.

Training. Objectives:

  • To train Special Teachers in IE with a cross-disability approach in order to enable them to facilitate inclusion in regular schools
  • Raising awareness, developing sensitivity and handling children with special needs in mainstream schools


Master Trainers of Shiksha Karmi Program

Name of the Training:Training of Master Trainers of Shiksha Karmi Program in IED and CBR in Rajasthan, India

This need based trgprogrammewas planned from 8th – 22nd July 1993for the implementing personnel (MASTER TRAINERS), who train the SHIKSHA KARMIS (SK) in Rajasthan.

The aim of the SK program, a project of the Department of Education, Govt. of Rajasthan is to revitalize and expand primary education in selected remote and economically backward villages of Rajasthan. The basic strategy devised by the project is of substitution of (invariably absent) primary school teachers by a team of two local educational workers (shikshakarmis).In order to integrate and extend these services for persons with disabilities, SIA was identified as an agency to train the MASTER TRAINERS(MT).

Planners & Managers in Logical Framework

Name of the Training: Training of Planners & Managers in Logical Framework


A week long need based training programme was planned for Planners & Managers of a SIDA project from Pune, Maharashtra. The objective was to equip Planners & Managers to use LFA for planning & implementing their project.

Training programme on Inclusive Education (IE)

Name of the Training:Training programme on Inclusive Education (IE)   2009 – 2010

The residential trg programme on IE was planned & conducted in 2 phases for the Chamarajanagar CBR Project of Mobility India. There were 40 tutors/Community Education Facilitatorsalong with their 4 Education Co-ordinators of Community Education Centres(CECs) received the training in Inclusive Education.

The first phase of training programme was organized from 5th June to 10th June 2009 at KrushiVijnana Kendra (Agriculuture Science Centre),Haradanahalli,Chamarajanagara.

The second phase of the training programme was organized from 26th October to 31st October 2009 at the same venue.

Trg. Objectives:

  • To train tutors to practically identify and assess the children with disabilities
  • To train tutors to make IEP for the assessed children
  • To train them to realize the significance of Inclusive Education in the context of Education for All
  • To provide them practical knowledge in unique curriculum or plus curriculum for children with disabilities
  • To provide them an opportunity to understand Learning Process and planning curriculum with adaptations
  • To provide them an opportunities for handling inclusive classes individually and teach one child with disability (totally blind child, hearing impaired child, intellectual disabled child and a child with cerebral palsy) based on IEP


Seva-in-Action organised number of need based short term orientation/sensitization/training programmes in the field of disability ranging from 1 – 3 days for school teachers, parents of persons with disabilities, Village Rehabilitation Workers, Volunteers, etc.

* SiA also organised the decentralized training programmes on CBR & IE for NGOs at

Oongole in A.P, Jabbalpur in M.P & Delhi.


Knowledge development and Capacity building in Inclusive Education

Name of the Training: Knowledge development and Capacity building in Inclusive Education 1st week, April 2014

A week long training programme on IE was planned for NGO ‘BerhanLehetsanat’ (previous name was Handicap National)in Ethiopia supported by DDP, UK.

The training was conducted on Inclusive Education for Knowledge Development and Capacity Building of Govt. School teachers, education officers, CBR workers, Supervisors & technicians from a team of Education &Livelihood for Girls & Women(ELGW) project implemented by BL(HN) in Hawassa, Ethiopia (West Africa).

Training. Objectives:

  • To understand the issues and needs of education of children with disabilities at classroom and community level in Hawassa Region
  • to sensitize the trainees about the significance of inclusive education for children specially with disabilities
  • to introduce new learning approaches for inclusive education practiced in India
  • to facilitate developing learning resources from locally available materials

 The short term need based training programmes are being conducted by SiA as & when it is required from NGOs & the Govt.

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