The study project was taken up to understand the initiatives and existing scenario of Inclusive Education (IE) in the context of its long history of implementing integrated and IE for children with disabilities through the scheme of IEDC and other Governmental projects as DPEP, Janshala, & UNDP. Nevertheless, the knowledge about IE at the ground level remains scattered and untapped there is a need for collective critical engagement among   practitioners of IE. The resulting gap in knowledge and collaborative practice leaves open several questions about the achievements and the role of various stakeholders such as the teachers, schools, peers, parents, communities and other social institutions. The diversity and commonality in educational practices in IE and the ground level response of the educational system to the needs and concerns of children with impairments. Future development in Inclusive Education depends on how well we understand these issues and understand the real barriers that children face in accessing their fundamental right and also our review of whether the general education system is equipped to and how is it responding to the challenges of educating children with disabilities in general schools.

This research project used a participatory research methodology for understanding the problems in the practice of IE by interacting with stake holders like teachers, NGOs DIETs through focus group discussions. There were field visits to selected blocks, group discussions and interviews and triangulation of data collected. Therefore, the entire thrust of the project was to enable stakeholders to reflect on the issue of inclusion and their own role with respect to inclusion and also to help them reflect on the constraints and opportunities and contribute for future developments in this area.

Study Projects

  1. Understanding Inclusive Practice and Community Initiatives to Make Education Accessible to AllLead Researchers, Ruma Banerjee Dr. Archana Mehendale, 2006 funded by SSA Karnataka.
  2. A Study on ‘Understanding Inclusive Practices in Schools across various States in India’ conducted by Seva-in-Action with the financial assistance of DDP, U.K.   Lead Researchers Ruma Banerjee, Dr. Archana Mehendale & Manjula Nanjundaiah.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion in Classrooms: Reality and Perceptions in the Context of KarnatakaStudy conducted by – RV Educational Consortium & Seva-in-Action supported by UNICEF & DSERT 2012 -2014.

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