Quizabled – Knowledge for All

Quizabled is a unique and special quiz competition exclusively for children with disabilities. It is conducted with the support of ‘1 Step – a CSR initiative of Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) Bengaluru, along with quizzing partners 4 Edge Quizzing Solutions, Mindcogs, Catalyst Quiz Corp and Quriosity Knowledge solutions.

Conceptualized by Seva-in-Action in partnership with 4 Edge Quizzing Solutions, this quiz is first of its kind in India, where differently-abled participants (cross-disability) are given an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and intellectual capabilities.

The first edition of Quizabled was quite a challenge. The questions were formulated after a lot of research, visits to special schools, observing the children and discussing with special educators. The first edition witnessed framing appropriate questions considering the intellectual abilities of autistic and intellectually disabled children. The insights from the first edition gave rise to a separate category in the quiz for children with intellectual disability.

Over the first five years, Quizabled evolved from a one-day event in Bengaluru to a two-day event across Karnataka and other states. The 5th edition of Quizabled was held at 5 other districts of Karnataka alongside Bengaluru, at Chennai in collaboration with SPATN, Tamil Nadu and at Mumbai in collaboration with Sujaya Foundation, Maharashtra. quizabled reached more than 2000 children and adults in different categories as Intellectual Disability (ID), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Visual Impairment (VI), and Hearing Impairment (HI).

The Purpose of Quizabled: –

  • To provide quizzing as a platform for the knowledge development of children and adults with disabilities.
  • To develop team spirit and inculcate self-esteem and confidence in children and adults with disabilities.
  • To promote inclusion by preparing them to take part in general quizzes.
  • To sensitize special schools, NGOs & mainstream schools about the significance of quizzing in learning.
  • To develop eLearning for the quiz.

Quizabled Reach


IMPACT (Bengaluru)

  • Schools incorporating quizzing as one of their regular school activities.
  • Schools received encouragement to organise such events at their school level.
  • Breaking myths about quizzing for children with Intellectual disabilities about highlighting their potential to respond and to learn General Knowledge questions.
  • Improved competitive spirit in the finals.
  • Schools expressed their enthusiasm to participate in Quizabled as an annual event.
  • Networking with NGOs and reaching out to more schools and children in Karnataka.

Feedback from the schools  


  • Quizabled brought out the ability in their children, which they never imagined.
  • Quizabled is giving an opportunity to children in building their knowledge and competitive spirit.
  • Teachers are enthusiastic to provide intense support to students for Quizzing.
  • Quizabled is encouraging children to participate eagerly every year.
  • Question bank helps children with model questions for prepar


  • The students and the parents are happy when they won, and are eager to participate the next year as well.
  • The Question bank sent by SPASTN helps us train students for the quiz and encourages us to incorporate this type of questions in regular academics.
  • The unique platform for students allows them to showcase their talent to the outside world and motivates them to participate with more effort, preparation and spirit.


  • All children were very excited to play the final round as it was a new thing for them.
  • Quizabled provides students with a superb platform to showcase their skills and knowledge and helps them prove to the society that they are equally abled and can-do wonders if given the right opportunity.
  • The best part for me was to witness the competitiveness, the excitement and the thrill of winning displayed by the students. I was humbled by their skills!

Key Learning Points from SPASTN:

  • SPASTN considers this as one of their unique programs.
  • It developed new links with schools.
  • Seva-in-Action was a pillar of support ensuring a smooth event.
  • The SPASTN team worked well and demonstrated exceptional teamwork.
  • All special schools have taken up quiz training as part of the curriculum.

Key Learning Points from Sujaya foundation:

  • Sujaya Foundation considers this a unique platform for recognizing the special skills of children with disabilities.
  • Seva-in-Action and LTI were pillars of support ensuring a smooth run of the event.
  • Sujaya Foundation realized that there is a wide number of special schools and NGOs working with This can help us in future projects and cross-learning.
  • Sujaya Foundation also listed the shortcomings of the event and plans to improve next year.
  • While registering the special children we should also focus on kinds of disability. We must make sure that good numbers of teams participate in each category so that all four categories have separate quizzing.

Question bank Booklets

Based on the feedback from schools and special educators, 2 editions of question bank booklets were prepared by Mr Himadri Banerjee of 4 Edge quizzing solutions and Ms Meghavi Manjunath of Quriosity Knowledge Solutions. These booklets were printed on regular paper and in Braille with the help of Mitra Jyothi Printing Press and distributed in various schools.