Inclusive Education

Inclusive education(IE) is an approach that looks into how to transform education systems in order to respond to the diversity of learners. It aims to enable both teachers and learners to feel comfortable with diversity and to see it as a challenge and enrichment in the learning environment, rather than a problem. Today Inclusive Education has been an increasing recognition as the better way of meeting the educational, developmental and emotional needs and rights of children with disabilities when they learn and grow with their peers in regular school environment. Seva-in-Action(SiA) has been involved for the past two decades in developing inclusive practices at grassroots level, teacher education besides working with the government system in bringing about systemic changes in education sector. SiA has been involved with state education department and Ministry of Education since District Primary education programs (1998) in developing IE model at taluk level which was replicated in Janshala and later Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. SiA is now working with Samagra Siksha Abhiyaan in developing teacher education program, training their teachers besides being in their also.

Inclusive Education in Karnataka

The idea of inclusive education in government schools was introduced in Karnataka in 1997, by the District Primary Education Programme (DPEP). Seva-in-Action, a Bangalore-based NGO, is a pioneering organisation in the field of community based rehabilitation and inclusive education for the disabled. In 1998, along with DPEP, they reviewed the integrated education training programmes of the state. They spoke to regular teachers undergine 42 days integrated education training, headmasters, education officials and teacher educators.

Seva-In-Action (SIA) found that although teachers were positively inclined, they lacked the skills required to implement educational programmes for the disabled. There were inadequate follow-up support services for teachers and children. The training and management of the programmes needed to be more decentralised and practical.

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